Many companies want to be more agile. Agile frameworks have largely become the default way of building software product. However it’s easy to become so involved in the framework that we lose track of why we were attempting to be more agile in the first place.

Why are we attempting to be more agile?

  • Reduce the risk of building the wrong thing
  • Reduce the risk of building the thing wrong
  • Deliver value early and often
  • Create fast feedback loops, continual learning
  • Maximising the work not done to achieve powerful outcomes
  • Improve the quality of the product
  • Humanise the workplace, rewarding work by empowered teams
  • Make problems & progress transparent

At Steelcurve we keep the “why” of agile front and centre. If your company is failing to get the results it needs then we can help. We offer expert engagement with your teams, enlightening workshops, training and support. Please view our services page for more information.

Image by unsplash-logoFerenc Horvath