Christopher Davey

Confidence Coaching

I’m currently putting together a 4 week package to help people understand and address confidence issues. To obtain fast feedback I will be running each sessions for free for a limited number of individuals. If you are interested and have… Read More »Confidence Coaching

Pair Programming

What is pair programming? Why might I want to give it a go? How do I even start with this? Here is a video I created to help answer these questions.

All change please

We all need to change at some point or other. How we deal with that change should be an informed choice. Implementing change and hoping it is going to stick isn’t a strategy.

Idea debt

I read a really interesting article the other day called “Kill Your Old Ideas So You Can Be More Creative” by Nick Douglas. Nick was discussing how proactive it can be to have a clear out of old creative ideas… Read More »Idea debt

Visualising change

I recently spent a pleasant evening in London talking to Gez Smith about all things Agile/Lean supposedly so he could interview me on Why Agile Transformations fail. A few days before I scribbled some pictures / mind maps in a… Read More »Visualising change