Remote working tips

Tip 1 – Get Dressed in the morning Tip 2 – Work in an area that is set up for work Tip 3 – Separate home and work – eg have a shower at end of day or change clothes Tip 4 – Work to a schedule. Especially with kids at home, give them a […]

Pair Programming

What is pair programming? Why might I want to give it a go? How do I even start with this? Here is a video I created to help answer these questions.

Strictly Scrum Dancing

My youngest daughter is obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing, she twirls around the room beaming with joy when it’s on. Unfortunately due to iPlayer it’s on quite a lot, damn you technology! However having to watch nearly all of the episodes did provide some value. Watching it I can’t help but think that Strictly is […]

All change please

We all need to change at some point or other. How we deal with that change should be an informed choice. Implementing change and hoping it is going to stick isn’t a strategy.

Idea debt

I read a really interesting article the other day called “Kill Your Old Ideas So You Can Be More Creative” by Nick Douglas. Nick was discussing how proactive it can be to have a clear out of old creative ideas and how this has helped his creative processes, specifically with writing a screen play. Set […]

Visualising change

I recently spent a pleasant evening in London talking to Gez Smith about all things Agile/Lean supposedly so he could interview me on Why Agile Transformations fail. A few days before I scribbled some pictures / mind maps in a trusty notebook in an attempt to clarify my thoughts. I realise that during our chat […]

Six signs your iteration is waterfalling

Signs Changing thought patterns and approaches is one of the harder aspects of a Agile way of working. This is especially true of Scrum which on the surface looks very simple. Indeed you can read the guide in half an hour or so and if good at retaining information probably pass the online multi-choice PSM […]

Knowledge vs Understanding

I have some knowledge of gravity. I see it in action every time I drop my phone. I however have very little understanding of how or why it works. With gravity that’s OK. It’s going to work regardless of my understanding of it. With Scrum however this can causes some major problems. Everyone has heard […]

Onion Bhaji

Everyone likes an onion bhaji, even people who don’t like onions seem to love them. So why not make your own? It’s not that hard. You will need to get down the shop or look in the cupboard for: 4 Large onions (red or white) 2 Cloves of garlic Enough ginger to grate about 1 […]