Something is rotten in the state of a refactoring sprint

When a technical team demands a sprint just consisting of refactoring you know there is some fairly hefty dysfunction hiding somewhere in your process. It is questionable if this would be a sprint at all, yes there may be a potentially shippable product at the end but to the product owner it will have the [...]

So many trees but where is the wood?

It is far too easy for developers and other technical resources to get caught up in the technical solution and processes at the expense of the objective they set out to achieve. People lose track of the value that was envisioned by the business. They can become blinkered and inward focused. Lets look at this [...]

The right level of quality : Project Cake

One of the key points of developing a product is getting the correct level of quality. Too much and you waste money on expensive resource gaining no benefit. Too low a level and you spend money fixing the issues or paying down the technical debt. As ever I like to think of this in terms [...]

Practice, practice, practice.

I read a very interesting article this morning in regards to learning methods and specifically skill improvement through practice in relation to top athletes. Practice has been distilled by Angela Duckworth into four main categories: Intentional Practice. To achieve optimal skill development we don’t practice randomly. Practice has to have a very specific intention. It [...]

Travel Points not Story Points

Story points as a term has always worried me. To customers who have not had involvement in Agile projects it can seem as if it’s a way of scoring the value of a story. Points as we know mean prizes or at least a positive connotation. Admittedly it also has a synergy with scoring which [...]

The Agile Cake

I had an interesting conversation with one of my daughters who made the mistake of asking me what I was doing. What I was doing was reviewing third party documentation and proposals on software delivery but the conversation we got into was around development methodologies. Now it might be that my commitment to Agile methodologies [...]