Remote working tips

Tip 1 – Get Dressed in the morning

Tip 2 – Work in an area that is set up for work

Tip 3 – Separate home and work – eg have a shower at end of day or change clothes

Tip 4 – Work to a schedule. Especially with kids at home, give them a routine and maybe write it up together. Kids like consistency and routine and know what they are doing (Pomodoro clock – focus for 25 mins then do a 5 min break)

Tip 5 – schedule in breaks, lunch and exercise

Tip 6 – Set alarm to stop work. Don’t work into the night!

Tip 7 – Get a study buddy or connect with other remote workers and join an online community or tribe

Tip 8 TECH – Zoom (free for 40mins) which is idiot proof and just click on a link

Tip 9 TECH – Slack is excellent – allows chats and channels and also video calls. Available on App and desktop Positives – Enjoy your lunchtime break and do something none screentime – nap, gym, online workout, apps, read, walk, DIY, iron, read a business book, mow the lawn, gone to shops or call a friend. Make it a proper break

Tip 10 – Listen to your own music!

About Pomodoro:

Working at home accountability: /

Home workouts for every level: /

Desk set up:

Tips by Kathy Soulsby passed on to my by Arabela Silva

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