Business Consultation

Working with Chris has been an amazing journey, one of the many things a coach such as Chris needs to do is coach and make the Product Manager better, and boy did he do a great job at that.

Chris was amazing at challenging my thinking, providing countless amount of feedback and became my go to guy on multiple high pressured situations where you need someone to mediate but also observe my behaviours in order to ensure that me as individual could keep growing.

What I loved most about working with Chris was that, he had amazing relationship with the engineers. The engineers trusted and respected his wisdom, expertise and experience. This helped massively as Me and Chris embarked on some challenging ideas and experimented a whole lot on different ways of working – and without the strong bond that he created with the team – experiments such as “Focused development” where we pitched the idea that if you gave engineers focused time to do development with no interruptions you would reap massive business benefit – would not have happened.

On a personal level – Chris is a great human being, someone who tells me how it is, and guides me not just on my career but in life in general. I have really enjoyed working with Chris and I can 100% say that Chris has coached me to the next level. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough – if you want to grow your team and yourself, then you need this guy. 

Sadeek Rahman – Product Manager

Chris Davey is one of the most level headed, practical scrum master I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with as a developer. Practical, open, effective and committed to improving, Chris contributed greatly to teams he worked in while he was at giffgaff.

Instead of being bogged down with the minutiae of the process, its definition, and how a blog or a book tells him how to was done in X or Y company, Chris could always be relied on to provide a practical perspective that was sensitive to the situation, and the team that had to deal with it. It’s this practicality that made him an invaluable asset to the teams he worked with, as he facilitated and moulded processes that worked for those teams, rather than try to implement ideas that only worked for other teams.

Bolstering this practicality is Chris’s unflinching candor when it comes to communication. If something didn’t work, often Chris would be amongst the first in the room to not just challenge it, but to invite and explore solutions to the problem. In workspaces where there is opportunity to improve, or ideas to challenge, Chris’s presence in the room absolutely shines.

On a personal level, Chris was great fun to work with- whether he challenged your actions or not, he did it with such grace and humour that you could always see it came from a place of practicality. Whether it was in a meeting room, or out for drinks, Chris was the type of scrum master who was part of the team, worked with the team, and for the team.

Speaking as a developer who’s worked with him, Chris Davey is one of the most effective and entertaining scrum masters I’ve worked with, and a boon for any team.

Wei Liang Cheah – Developer

“What have I noticed about Chris since working with him over the last year at giffgaff?

He really understands what all this agile / lean / continuous delivery / <insert buzzword here> malarkey is about. He gets it at a fundamental level and that they’re all actually based around common / similar core principles (which so many others seem to have forgotten); he doesn’t just see things from a process point of view.

He isn’t interested in what the books say, or more accurately he is not bound by what they say. He understands that it’s about using everything as a guideline and adapting it with (not for) the team to ensure the best outcomes for the business. The way he achieves this is through forming hypotheses and subsequent experimentation, with the results proving what does / doesn’t actually work in any given scenario.

He seems to have a natural talent for gaining the trust of his teams and those around him. This is partly because of his easy going nature, sense of humour and the fact that he is open and honest with people. Add to this that he always does what he says, and gives all feedback in a caring manner, then it’s easy to see how he accomplishes this.

In short, he keeps things simple and I believe that is why he is so effective at what he does.

It would probably be remiss of me not to mention that it’s really fun / enjoyable working with him too. A lot of people may not feel that is a necessity, however I believe it is essential in building a great team culture.

If you’ve read through this, it probably doesn’t need saying but I’ll say it anyway; I couldn’t rate him highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him / work alongside him again in the future. =) ”

Steve Sweales – Head of Agility

“Thank you for all your help and support – you will be missed!” Sue Holden – Client Services Director

“The very best of luck for the future and thank you for all your efforts with 1insurer. You have made a very positive impact on the team and the delivery for the customer and we will miss your guidance and advice.” Chris Woodward – UK Solutions PM

“So not happy to know about your leaving. Wish could get more chance to work with you and learn from you.” Fatima Naeem – Business Analyst

“Thanks for being the part of our great scrum journey. You will be missed!” Bushra Ejaz – Snr SQA

“Thank you Chris for all your support. This was wonderful experience while working with you in this true Agile model” Muhammad Qasim Alam – Test Automation Engineer

“I would like to write on behalf of the Build & Release team on AA that over the period on this roller coaster we have learned that the problem with troubleshooting is that sometimes trouble does shoots back and the way to deal with it is to shoot it :).They say that Time doesn’t exist. Clocks exists 🙂 and. It’s been quite a journey with you on this project.

I have had thought to write you the moment we heard of you not being a part of the AA venture anymore. We would like to state that You make it easy to want to work hard.

The whole team would like to express our gratitude to you for being an inspiration to us.

The success we have had in this project either small or large has your support and encouragement (now you’ll be humble but it’s true).

  • From thinking the build is failed what to do and to say keep calm build is in progress we all have learned and have soaked some great moments.
  • From we hate meetings to saying we’ll request Chris to setup a call and discuss.
  • From staying late to burn the hours to say We can push it tomorrow.
  • From feeling, what’s new to have and get un-expected pizza treats 🙂

I’m grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and have enjoyed our time working under your leadership. Thank you so much!”Muhammad Wassay Mutahir – Release Coordinator and the Build and Release team