I had some very effective sessions with Chris. He demonstrated great listening skills, goal extraction and guidance.

At the time I was frustrated at the lack of career options in my current role and was looking for change. I had been promised an opportunity to move into a more fulfilling role with my current employer but nothing was forthcoming. I had been talking to  agents and actively applying for jobs outside of the organisation but was struggling to get interviews. This was not due to lack of experience or qualifications, the issue that emerged during coaching was the language and attitude I was using when talking about my current role. 

The first session with Chris was centred around my current role and re-framing of that experience. It finished on an exercise where I summarised my experience at my current company entirely in positive terms. 

The second session was more outcome driven and focused on the steps to get my next role, including a prioritisation exercise, which made me realise what my real priorities were for the next role to be with a new employer. 

The sessions were easygoing to start, becoming more challenging but still conversational as we got on. Chris “warned” me of this, and I was happy to go out of my comfort zone.

The results came quick. After the first session, work colleagues noticed the difference in my perspective and I had a positive conversation with an agent who was happy to represent me and put me forward for jobs with his clients. A week after I was on another agency’s books after contact with another agent.

In the weeks following the sessions, I interviewed for the company that was top of my list, who made me an offer. Meantime another company were keen to interview me, as the agent told me, “I ticked the boxes” for the job. But I was already in a position where i could say thank you and decline that interview.

Chris is a highly competent professional mentor, and for me the proof is in the results.

Personal Client