Customer feedback

“Thank you for all your help and support – you will be missed!” Sue Holden – Client Services Director


“The very best of luck for the future and thank you for all your efforts with 1insurer. You have made a very positive impact on the team and the delivery for the customer and we will miss your guidance and advice.” Chris Woodward – UK Solutions PM

“So not happy to know about your leaving. Wish could get more chance to work with you and learn from you.” Fatima Naeem – Business Analyst

“Thanks for being the part of our great scrum journey. You will be missed!” Bushra Ejaz – Snr SQA

“Thank you Chris for all your support. This was wonderful experience while working with you in this true Agile model” Muhammad Qasim Alam – Test Automation Engineer

“I would like to write on behalf of the Build & Release team on AA that over the period on this roller coaster we have learned that the problem with troubleshooting is that sometimes trouble does shoots back and the way to deal with it is to shoot it :).They say that Time doesn’t exist. Clocks exists 🙂 and. It’s been quite a journey with you on this project.

I have had thought to write you the moment we heard of you not being a part of the AA venture anymore. We would like to state that You make it easy to want to work hard.

The whole team would like to express our gratitude to you for being an inspiration to us.

The success we have had in this project either small or large has your support and encouragement (now you’ll be humble but it’s true).

  • From thinking the build is failed what to do and to say keep calm build is in progress we all have learned and have soaked some great moments.
  • From we hate meetings to saying we’ll request Chris to setup a call and discuss.
  • From staying late to burn the hours to say We can push it tomorrow.
  • From feeling, what’s new to have and get un-expected pizza treats 🙂

I’m grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and have enjoyed our time working under your leadership. Thank you so much!” Muhammad Wassay Mutahir – Release Co-Ordinator and the Build and Release team