Team, Organisation and Business Services

Our mission is to help organisations by allowing the people with-in these structures to become all they want to be. We support individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their potentials.

Agile Team Coaching

As an ICP-ACC accredited Agile Team Coach I have the ability to coach at individual and team level. These skills are also relevant for coaching outside of the agile arena. Through the use of powerful questions, emotional intelligence and active listening I look to help people and teams help themselves. Drawing out their experience and knowledge and helping them identify the power solutions and outcomes to problems and opportunities. As a coach you bring the problem and the expertise (the content), I bring the process and tools to help you realise a solution.


You can’t change people. However, you can provide people with the reasons and challenges that allow them to change themselves. By creating an environment where teams are empowered to challenge constraints and think along new lines we can generate a need to change. By removing dis-empowering behaviours you can ensure that teams have the confidence to move your business forward. I provide support to the business to make problems and challenges transparent. Supporting the team and organisation to understand that challenging constraints is a positive thing. That having confidence to resolve problems will organically generate positive change for organisations. I have a proven track record in assisting business transformations to more agile ways of working.

Retrospective / Introspection sessions

Without inspecting and adapting we stagnate. A well run retrospective can give voice to concerns and identify powerful ways to improve as individuals, teams or an organisation. I help your team and organisation by running retrospective sessions for them. Ensuring that formats stay fresh, that we hear from everyone on the team and that we capture actions that can help the team improve.

Team building

I help teams understand the 5 dysfunctions of a team and explore how they can make progress towards the top of the pyramid. Providing teams an opportunity to agree ways of working or team charters and how to hold each other accountable.

Product Owner / Manager services

As a PSPO-1 accredited product owner I have insight into the challenges and support needs of product owners. I aid their understanding of prioritisation techniques, value propositions and the need to focus on outcomes. I have the knowledge to support Lean UX style hypothesis driven product development via frequent experimentation into what actually works over what is assumed to work. Providing insight into persona creation and minimum viable and marketable products. Supporting product owners and their teams, ensuring they have a focus on the product vision. By closing the loop between experiment and outcome we allow the team and organisation to understand the impact of their work. Note: I can also step into this role as required however this role is incompatible at a team level with most of the other offerings listed due to having a non-team focus.

Agile frameworks

I have in the past provided services and support around Scrum, Lean / Kanban, SAFe 4.5 even Prince 2. My journey has given me confidence that none of these frameworks are the goal or a silver bullet. Although I can provide insight, support and training around these frameworks I believe that to be truly Agile you need to use what works for you in your context. As your context constantly changes so do your needs of frameworks. Providing help for your team to find what works for them and understand why aspects of these frameworks have value in certain circumstances.

Meeting facilitation

Are your meetings providing all the value you are looking for? Do your team sometimes struggle to make decisions? Do you tend to hear from the same people in every meeting? I provide professional facilitation to assist with all of the above scenarios. I aim to provide meeting direction and by creating a safe space where individuals can engage in truthful conversation with equal voice. A space where healthy conflict can occur without becoming personal.

Team health check

There are many perspectives that can be taken on the health of a team. For example, how healthy is the morale of the team? What healthy technical or XP practices are the team pursuing? What are the levels of trust and how far up the 5 dysfunctions pyramid are the team? Which of the Google Aristotle values does the team have or need to work on? I have run health checks and workshops on each of these perspectives helping teams gain insights into where they are and plans on how to grow. 

XP Practices

I have knowledge of TDD, ATDD, pair and mob programming. I support teams’ adaptation of these competencies. Coming from a development background allows me to understand the drivers and pressures that teams often work with-in. 


A problem or opportunity has presented itself. By running a workshop we ensure that the entire team is engaged and their shared knowledge and creativity are brought to the fore. These sessions can run from an hour to a few days depending on the need.

Team Leadership

I have lead teams in the past either from a technical leadership perspective or from a supportive servant leadership perspective. This allows me to provide inspiration, support, clarity of vision as well as all of the other skills listed in this offering document. 

Organisational collaboration

Teams can achieve great things however to really leverage the power of the organisation we need to get people working together from all over. We need to help build a mindset that doing the right thing for the organisation is more important than doing the right thing for your team. I provide workshops, retrospectives and meetings allowing the right people to get together and collaborate. Generating new cross functional teams as and when required.


I will provide mentorship around all subjects that I have specific actionable knowledge around. My goal when mentoring is to provide the mentee with the tools and mindset to help themselves. As a mentor we both bring knowledge of the problem and expertise, I provide options that you could explore in order to realise a solution.


I provide teaching around any subject area that I have expert knowledge of. As a teacher I will provide the content in order to allow the attendees to gain certain knowledge.


Provision of training in any subject area I have or can gain expert knowledge of or quality training material and process for. As a trainer I will use the multiple stances (Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching) and the relevant material to further your understanding about the subject.

Executive and Personal Coaching

As an accredited Barefoot Ltd coach and member of the ICF I can provide confidential coaching services across the organisation. This can allow individuals to maximise their own potential and provide clarity around values and goals. Coaching can be truly transformative for individuals that take part.
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