Agile Coach & Scrum Master (Nov 2017 – May 2019)

Engaged as an Agile Coach I worked with multiple teams in order to coach and support their agile journey. I took an active role in transitioning two teams to a Kanban experimenting with a no estimate approach. Assisted other teams’ exploration into a deeper understanding of Scrum. I enabled a team to experiment with finding a more productive working environment as well as defining and running team building sessions. I gave talks to the organisation about flow and the benefits of limiting WIP. I assisted Jeff Gothelf run a 5-day training courses around LeanUX. This has enabled the organisation to be customer outcome focused in order to drive revenue.


  • Helped facilitate a 5 day workshop with the author of LeanUX – Jeff Gothelf
  • Designed and implemented a team building workshop for 60+ developers, product owners, ux designers which allows the attendees to explore physiological safety, dependability, impact, meaning and structure and clarity.
  • Supported events hosted by giffgaff and AgileRoundabout
  • Facilitated the Product Owner community in defining our own experimental customer led product discovery process.

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