The AA

B2B Software Development Manager (March 2013 – April 2016)

During my engagement with the AA I helped the B2B software development teams to be agile. I coached the team and its stakeholders around Scrum as a framework. Helped the team increase its capability to deliver by automating away repetitive tasks. Held responsibility for all B2B software delivery as well as all credit card payments software and ensuring PCI/DSS compliance. Worked collaboratively with external stakeholders such at Porsche, Jaguar / Land Rover and the VW Group.

Key achievements:

  • Transitioned my area of the business which allows us to be more agile. This increased morale and improved productivity
  • Consolidated the teams’ toolset which enabled continuous integration and automated testing
  • Introduced the company to the concept of Specification by Example ATDD
  • Ensured that the team had a clear mission around delivering value and understanding ROI
  • Facilitated the team in reaching conclusions on software architecture decisions, environment architecture as well as troubleshooting issues and solutions
  • Improved team moral by ensuring that the team are aware of the impact of their work on the success of the business
  • Instrumental in the successful onboarding of all VW customers into AA systems – I was then invited by VW Group on an all expenses paid visit to their facilities at Wolfsburg and Hanover.

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